miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

HTML5 Guitar Simulator app rejected by Spotify

A video of the proof of concept:

I sent an application to create a Spotify App, but it was rejected due to:
"That’s because you have a Guitar hero feature in the app."
The App is a simple Guitar simulator as another Guitar simulators, ex:

I sent an e-mail trying to show the error to the Spoify team, because I want to do a Guitar simulator, not a Guitar Hero copy :( , and now they told me:
 "It is not the fact that it is similar to Guitar Hero per sé it is the fact that we cannot have games with these concept in Spotify."

Ok, then I don't know why the app was rejected :( , the reason "we cannot have games with these concept in Spotify" is stupid, I don't know what kind of apps they want to have in the store...

You can find the source code of the proof of concept here:

And the specifications document here:

The e-mails:

2 comentarios:

  1. To Spotify:

    It seems you don't accept any app concepts from other than the big company.

    I can't see how this app would differ from other apps that would be approved.

    Your App finder feature that 'would revolutionize the music industry' is a big ad space for commercial brands. I can understand your code, everything is just about marketing the big brands.

    It's a real shame you travel worldwide and invite tons of developer to 'hack and meet' with the platform, just to reject every new creative app they do, as this isn't anything else than a space for commercial messages.

    I'm really disappointed with this platform and feel that the whole platform is for the people with money, and never was intended to revolutionize the music industry at all, only to expose premium users with ads as well, but what you call 'apps' is a actually ads.

    I loved this company and your business for four years until now, but this feels so terrible. Before you entered the US Spotify was it what it should, a good music player. After the launch in the US spotify has gone to be an bloated awful music software that just clogs up my computer entirely with stuff.

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